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Our Roots

Here at Covenant Homes and Resources, we are driven by a single goal: to do our part in making sure that everyone has a safe place not just to lay their head at night, but a place to call home.

We believe in Christ's love to help us base our programs on a recovery oriented approach with wrap around services as needed. We strive to build productive collaborative relationships with other agencies and organizations to make a positive impact and reach successful outcomes with all of our pursuits.

We are a WA State registered Non-profit and Charitable Organization. We are working on securing our 501c3.

While we are a new organization, our Founder, Karen Fournier, is not new to nonprofits. She also founded naomi community, originally called Hearth Homes, in 2003 and was Executive Director until 2014. She now continues her God given vision and passion for restoring lives and properties.

Volunteering with Kids
About: Who We Are
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